Conveyancing Solutions


Property Focus is a range of intuitive applications that are ready for use out of the box.

Designed by lawyers for lawyers.

Our workflows are also fully customisable to support bespoke working practices.

Understanding the risks associated with conveyancing, incorporating safe-guarding throughout.

Measures to protect your profit are all inherent in the Property Focus design.


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Residential Sale and Purchase [details]

Property Focus

Case Management Designed by Lawyers for Lawyers

Property Focus is a range of conveyancing solutions designed to safeguard law firms whilst focusing upon reducing bottlenecks, promoting teamwork, improving accuracy and maximising fees.

Developed by legal IT professionals (Orchard Rock Development) and property lawyers (The CS Partnership), we recognise the potential risks law firms face, especially when dealing with property transactions as well as the absolute necessity to ensure they are fully compliant with the anti-money laundering regulations and GDPR.

We may already be working on a solution to suit you. Contact us to find out.


Orchard Rock Development

Orchard Rock Development is an independent software development company specialising in case management solutions for the legal sector. Established in 2014, they have since grown a reputation for quality service and delivery. 

Whilst working tirelessly in the background to create "out of the box" workflows, they have been steadily building a solid client base of top 200 law firms throughout the UK.

For more details visit www.orchardrock.co.uk.


The CS Partnership

The CS Partnership are lawyers and legal engineers, and are the interface between legal experts and technology experts. The co-founders have been working together since 2005, and ran 4000 conveyancing transactions a month whilst in private practice together.

Established in 2012, their mission is to help great lawyers work better.

For more details visit www.thecspartnership.com.

Minerva Integration

Intelligent Client Onboarding

We are proud to have integrated our Partner 4 Windows residential sale and purchase workflow with Minerva, a paperless end to end digital onboarding solution for client engagement. Brought to you by the team from Law Firm Services and created with law firms for law firms, Minerva delivers everything you need for compliant, anti-risk, fast and efficient client onboarding.
For more information, visit www.minervaportal.com or download the brochure here.
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